Thursday, December 7, 2006

Media Consolidation

Media consolidation is a large part of a much larger issue. The United States government needs to stop trying to control the population and start facilitating the intellectual growth of its people. Only then will this country stop its rapid decline and start becoming the great nation it was meant to be.

Why is most of the country completely ignorant of the fact that Mexico is on the brink of civil war? But ask them why Britney Spears is divorcing K-Fed, and they'll give you ten good reasons. Sure, an ignorant population is easier to control, but what will inevitably become of a nation of ignorant people?

Americans can do so much to benefit humanity and change the course of human history for the better, but only if the government stops treating us like cattle to be herded.

The consolidation of the media can only result in the severe limitation of the freedom of the press and an increase in government and corporate control over what people are allowed to know and think.

If you treat your population like idiots, they will become idiots. And while that may work in the favor of the powers-that-be for a time; our country will be doomed to become the backwards, ignorant, 3rd world country of tomorrow.

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excuse me? said...

Maybe people are idiots regardless of how they are treated by the government.