Saturday, December 2, 2006

The New Year

I'm looking forward to the new year for several reasons.

First, the Democrats will be taking over the Legislative branch, and I'm anxious to see what they'll do. Not enough, I'm sure, but hopefully it will be an improvement. I agree with Bill Mahar, who pointed out that the Dems didn't win this election; the Republicans lost it. The Dems won by default.

The most important thing they can do, I think, is to give us back our Civil Rights. And not just give them back, but take a hard-nosed, morally righteous stand on this issue, and use it as an example of how they are the ones who stand for freedom and the American way of life.

Everything else they do will be second guessed and criticized, but if they frame the argument of Civil Rights correctly, they can dominate the conversation and make critics look un-American. Sure this is a method the Republicans used but first of all: it was damned successful; and second of all: the Dems would ACTUALLY be protecting freedom and the American way of life.

The second reason I'm looking forward to the new year is because I'm going to apply for college financial aid for my brother in an attempt to keep him out of the ARMY. The recruiters have targeted him as a poor kid with no future; expendable, and an easy target. I want to show my brother that he has a future. I've pointed out to him that the government can't possibly give a shit about his life (why else would they send him into battle with no body armor?), but the recruiters are damn good at what they do. Well, wish me luck on this one; I'm going to need it. Unfortunately, it's easier for an 18-year-old boy to listen to an ARMY recruiter than to listen to his know-it-all big sister.

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Jon said...

You're going to have to let your brother make his own decisions. Well, I guess that goes without saying. What I mean is that you're going to have to accept that it's his decision.