Thursday, December 14, 2006

What now?

Well, I think the majority of Americans are done pretending that this war in Iraq is anything other than a complete and total failure (and many Americans are finally realizing that this will be another dark moment in the history of our country).

So what now? I personally don't believe this mess can be fixed, and the troops and money it would take to even come close to fixing it will not be forthcoming.

So do we pull out and let chaos ensue, or do we stay and participate in the bloodbath? What course of action could we possibly take that would result in less misery for us and for the Iraqi people in the coming generations?


sinincincinnati said...

Only a minority has anything approaching a grasp on what's happening in the present. I minority of that minority has a grasp on what happened in the past. A minority of that minority has a grasp on what might have been.
Yet the majority chooses to throw itself to the wolves of democracy or tyrants even dimmer than the majority? This is why societies evolve into tortoises and nematodes just about everywhere on the globe.
Here's what might have happened in the Middle East. Only private US citizens might have become involved. Their primary interest would naturally have been oil. As soon as the US government began to "help" these private citizens, then the wrong road was taken.
Another example of the US government "helping" private citizens is the funding of super highways which increased oil consumption exponentially thus leading to more "help" of private citizens and companies in the Middle East.
Down, down, down into a burning ring of fire... flames ever higher.

Heather Annastasia said...

Super-highways aren’t the problem; privately-owned oil companies who have a stranglehold on our industry and our economy are the problem. If these companies had put half the amount of effort and money into developing alternative fuel sources as they have into oil-lobbying and wars, we… well I guess we’d be fighting over the alternative fuel sources!

Seriously though, there is no reason for us to still be dependent on oil, and giving up transportation is not the answer. Oil companies have refused to develop new technologies, and they have effectively crushed efforts by smaller companies to find alternative fuel sources and alternative vehicles.

Big business is exactly the same as big government: a small minority of rich and powerful people who support themselves by bleeding the rest of the population dry.

sinincincinnati said...

"Big business is exactly the same as big government"
Except that big business doesn't get our asses blown away in its war or lock you up for putting certain substances into your body.
Kucinich is unable to make these subtle distinctions as well. (I guess it's like being color blind.)
Other than that, government and Kucinich are our friends and are here to help us.

Heather Annastasia said...

I'm really surprised at you. Your against government but you support the people who finance the laws.

Do you really believe that Cheney's Halliburton connections had nothing to do with his motivations to go to war? Do you really believe that the ongoing effort to keep natural drugs illegal has nothing to do with the multi-billion dollar corporations who make synthetic, poisonous but legal drugs?

I'm not saying corporations run the government, but they wield A LOT of influence, and if the government were to disappear today, Halliburton would indeed be sending people to get their asses blown off in wars.

The rich and the powerful are all the same, and they will continue to rule over us until we stop them; not by getting rid of government, but by truly running the government ourselves (which I don't believe we will do anytime soon).

I believe that Dennis Kucinich is the best candidate running, and I believe he could make a real difference.

sinincincinnati said...

I'm not paranoid about the concept of "big." What bothers me about big government is that it is like the Staples "Easy" button. It is either on or off. As we are not living in the anachic condition I would prefer, it is always on. "On" for government means war. War on foreigners, drugs, poverty, tobacco. If you don't want war, you don't want government. Well, I don't want war.
But, if we must be paranoid about rich and powerful and big, what about Santa? That sumbitch is everywhere. He knows when you've been bad or good. He has lumps of coal and is not afraid to use them. Are his reindeer different from intercontinental ballistic missiles?
Sadly, "little" can cause paranoia and hysteria too. What about E. Coli? Or Danny DiVito?