Friday, January 26, 2007

Check and Double-Check


Made links at the side of my blog.... check

Got fired from my job.... check

Filed for unemployment.... check

What now, Larry? I can't live on $300 a week!

How can a freelance writer make money fast? Now that I'm committed, any more advice?

(If this post isn't making sense, see the "Commitment Issues" post


Larry Gross said...

What now? Write, write, write.

Get stuff out there. Get a Writer's Market book. Send me an idea for the Living Out Loud column. Pitch ideas to the alternative paper out there, including cover stories. Contact your daily to see if they use freelancers.

Get back to your novel. Read. Make a commitment to this blog and update it everyday.

Can't live on $300 a week unemployment? You can if you cut back and focus in on the freelance.

Don't mean to come across annoying. You write extremely well. Always find a way to move forward with it.

Heather Annastasia said...

Annoying? Not at all! I appreciate it.

I've been going over our budget, and I think we can swing it for a while. My husband should have a few good months at work (people buy furniture during tax return season).

I have writers market online. I need to make a schedule for mayself so I stay focussed (I'm a bit ADD, you know).

Thanks Larry.

You're the best.

Larry Gross said...

Hey! That story you sent me a few months ago. My editor wants it now. Can you resend it?

Heather Annastasia said...

Are you serious? Awesome!