Friday, February 23, 2007

Child Iraq

My friend and mentor Larry Gross was kind enough to promote my blog on his today using a post I made here a few months back called "Crimes Against Humanity."

The picture he used for that post is touching on many levels.

I have looked for pictures of Iraqi children before while corresponding with my brother and trying to talk him out of joining the ARMY.

If you type "child Iraq" into Google, most of what you will find is absolutely heartbreaking.

There's something about pictures of children that reach the core of our humanity.

Those eyes, that little face, no different from our own little ones.


sinincincinnati said...

What stirs the imagination about children is that they are closer to stem cells than we are. They have the potential to become ANYTHING, but, just as nature says to a stem cell at a very early stage, "You vill be ein bone. Go commit suicide," so do we parents to children... sometimes literally.
Humans differ from most animals in that we are arrested in our development, keeping us adolescent, but it would be so much better for our future if at least some of could somehow retain the potential to be ANYTHING. Such people would be the equivalent of Superman/woman, but the mindless masses of adults with governments as their tools, unite to make them illegal, banned and shunned.

Heather Annastasia said...

I think our natural inclination to protect children is primal.

But it's one of the few primal drives that can bring out the most noble and beautiful aspects of our humanity.