Tuesday, February 13, 2007


What the hell are the Dems doing up there on Capitol Hill??

I agree with their stand on many issues, but I think impeachment and non-binding resolutions are the least of our worries right now.

The Dems have two tasks, and only two, on which they need to focus at this time.

1) Repealing The Military Commissions Act and The Patriot Act.

These acts give the Executive branch dictatorial powers. They can spy on, abduct, detain and torture American citizens without ever having to prove their case before a judge. They say they haven't used these powers (yet), but can we afford to wait until they start?

2) Getting us the hell out of Iraq before it escalates into a conflict with Iran.

We haven't defeated Iraq, how could we possibly take on Iran? Our aggressive use of military force around the world is causing the world to hate us, which is a threat to our security. An event like that which happened on 9/11, or the fear of such an event, could very well be the catalyst that prompts the Executive branch to start using the authority granted it by The Military Commissions Act and The Patriot Act.

The Dems were elected to check this Executive administration before it's too late, not to raise the minimum wage (I support raising it, I just think there are more important issues at hand).


david said...

the constitutionality of the Patriot Act is being challenged in court.

by who? by a U.S. citizen, a lawyer, an ex-Army Lieutenant, who fell victim in the most horrible of ways to its provisions

read more at:


Heather Annastasia said...

I'm adding this link to my blogroll.

sinincincinnati said...

I'm a peaceful anarchist so I have no confidence in any politician regardless of how she labels herself.
They always say that war should be a last resort, but it always turns out to be a first resort. (The wheels of democracy grind slowly, so any action is slow in coming, which hides the fact that war is a first resort, but look at the larger time frame. Look at the wars in rapid succession.)
War should be the never resort.
War makes enemies faster than it can kill them.
The war on terror is insanity, but the war on drugs illustrates how long mass hysteria can persist unnoticed within the masses.

Finally, yes, Heather, the Little Woman and I reside in the pubic hair of the downtown nerve endings of the Queen City.

Heather Annastasia said...


But you said Over-the-Rhine!

sinincincinnati said...

I thought that was a vivid description of OTR!??

Heather Annastasia said...


Jason said...

Most politicians are lying bastards. Even the one's I like... lying, swine, bastards. Anymore, I'm with sinincincinnati on this one.

I used to embrace anarchy, but there's too many of us to get on without some kind of system, organization.

Someone needs to call shenanigans, get out the brooms and make some bastards accountable. I don't think the politicians are going to do that. They are too distracted by power, posessions, the smell of their own farts.

Southpark has ruined me and I miss Hunter Thompson.

sinincincinnati said...

If you pay closer attention than you should to Heather's links, you will see Reason Hit and Run Blog site.
There you will be thrilled to learn details of the fact that the creators of South Park were special guests at a Reason (magazine) gathering recently over in Amsterdam.
So, be thankful Southpark has made you sane.
Speaking of old farts: The Little Woman always feeds me pineapple juice with my beans, because she enjoys Hawaiian "music."
May you be old someday.

Heather Annastasia said...


Everyone should pay very close attention to my blog links!

The correct way to word that would have been, "If you pay proper attention to Heather's blog links, you will see that her fabulous majesty has, in her infinite wisdom, posted such useful links as..."

jason said...

How'd I miss that?


(Or... Thanks O' Majestic one in your infinite wisdom for placing such useful and wonderous links for my surfing pleasure.)

Heather Annastasia said...

That's more like it.