Monday, February 19, 2007


I think America loves the idea that we've come far enough in the last 144 years to actually have a person of color for president.

We like to congratulate ourselves on how far we've come.

Ever since Obama announced his candidacy for president, however, the media has taken a really nasty attitude toward him.

But open racism is not acceptable (we have come that far, at least), so it's interesting to watch righties like Tucker Carlson twist the issue back on Obama by attacking him for attending a "black church."

See! It's Obama who's racist!

I expect that from Tucker, but last night the local San Diego news covered Obama's visit here and it was surprising. They accused him of avoiding the press while he schmoozed with his donors (and that sets him apart from every other politician in America how ?), and they even went into how much people were paying to see him. The whole story seemed really negative and accusatory.

They recorded bits of his speech through a side window of the building they were not allowed to enter, and the whole thing seemed like more of an undercover investigation than news coverage.


Anonymous said...

Most media people are like politicians in that they try to gauge which way the mob is headed and then double-time to get one or two steps ahead.
Intelligent media people write for magazines like Reason and the New Yorker which are only read by the likes of you and moi, Heather.
And so it goes.

People are stupid assholes and proud of it.

sinincincinnati said...

Because of a glitch, I couldn't sign my above.

Heather Annastasia said...

I thought that was you. :)

My blog is always glitching, eh?

sinincincinnati said...

To continue in my philosophical vein, which is about my only vein or artery, for that matter:
As you navigate the obstacles of life, Heather, always keep "people are stupid assholes" as your working hypothesis.
It may not be the "theory of everything," but it explains so much.
One would think stupid would be bad enough. No. One would think asshole would be bad enough. No.
Stupid asshole.
Mathematically speaking, I'm saying something like stupid squared times asshole squared, which takes it up to the fourth power, at least.

Heather Annastasia said...


You make me look an optimist!

I think most people mean well most of the time, whatever their IQ.

The stupid assholes are one of those loud and agressive minorities that are able to make it appear they are in the majority.

You know who I really can't stand? Bureaucrats! Have you ever read Douglas Adams? I can tell he hates bureaucrats as well, but he has more humor about it than I do.

sinincincinnati said...

Most people appear to mean well because they don't feel threatened, which is, fortunately, the case for most stupid assholes most of the time.
Notice I said "feel" threatened; not actually threatened.

No, I haven't read Douglas Adams, and I haven't watched the Firefly series either, which I have in DVD form.
They are roughly related, aren't they? I mean in the sense of science fiction.

Now back to breaking news here which is that the County Commissioner Todd Portune has written a letter to City Clowncil in which he has admitted the War on Drugs has been a failure.
I'm trying to do whatever I can to give the story "legs."
See the Cincinnati Beacon if you care to follow it.
So, tomorrow...

sinincincinnati said...

I'm back briefly to deposit this I just saw. It continues the theme I was more or less developing--about stupid assholes:
"One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison; anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unneccessary tyranny." - Bertrand Russel