Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tax Time

Luckily we're usually due a refund, but it seems like every year there's an issue getting it.

Last year we were counting on our tax refund to help us with our move to California. We filed electronically and were due to have our refund any day when we received a notice saying there was a problem.

I called the IRS. They said we didn't pay our taxes in 2003. I told them we most certainly did. It turns out that it was a issue with the spelling of my husband's name. Okay, problem solved, but it would be three MORE weeks before we get the refund.

Three weeks later, no refund. What's the problem? You didn’t pay your taxes in 2003. Are you kidding me? Oh, I see what happened! No problem, you'll be getting your refund in about three weeks.

We moved to California in March and we got our refund in June.

More fun this year.

The IRS says we're scheduled to receive our refund this week, but H&R Block says the IRS has rejected our return. There isn't a single employee at either institution who is capable of thinking outside of what their computer screen tells them, and they are both equally sure that their computer is right.

Meanwhile, I'm struggling to make ends meet and just hoping that the refund comes without a problem.


sinincincinnati said...

We're scheduled to have our federal refund hit our checking account tomorrow... have fingers crossed.

Hey, help me out on the Sinincincinnati site under the circumcised penis/pig article (very educational).

sinincincinnati said...

Still no refund.
Let's see... only two organizations can be at fault:
2.My gummint.

hmmmm... which could it be?

By the way. Thanks for your help? on the other site.

Heather Annastasia said...