Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Unity '08 -And the 2008 Presidential Elections

I signed up to be a delegate for Unity '08.

I tried installing their widget, but it doesn't work in a post, so I'll just put a link to their site.

The whole point of unity '08 is electing a bipartisan presidential candidate through an online primary.

I'm staunchly liberal but I'm far from a staunch Democrat.

More like a Democrat by default.

Lesser of two evils...


More on Unity '08 tomorrow.


sinincincinnati said...

Correct sp. of "canidate."
Have you heard the favorite slogan of the Libertarian Party? "The Evil of Two Lessers"
Here's another libertarian sound byte:
"Democrats want to get into your pocketbook. Republicans want to get into your bedroom."

As a peaceful anarchist, the correct course of action is inaction: Don't vote.
How simple-minded is it to claim that you must vote to bitch about the results of elections? That has intimidated a lot of sheeple.
Don't vote. Bitch plenty.

Heather Annastasia said...


I don't think the right to bitch is reserved for voters.

But I don't see what you plan to accomplish by doing nothing.

I prefer to vote and bitch, though each action may be equally pointless.

The fact that we're not still living in caves and hunting with spears is proof that change happens, and I'm almost positive that most change is brought about by people doing stuff.

sinincincinnati said...

Change is brought about by people doing stuff, but the change is never what they sought to accomplish by their doing, so why not just do in the sense of minding your business, and being happy, loving everyone, and, maybe trying to understand what's happening?

Heather Annastasia said...

But why understand if you do nothing with that understanding?

And what is my business if not the world in which I live?

And what if doing stuff makes me happy?

sinincincinnati said...

I knew you were the type who couldn't just stand there, but had to do something.
In answer to your first question I said try to understand. I'm not optimistic anyone ever will understand. The fun is in trying to understand.
In answer to your second question, your business is to make life better for those you love.
Families should be sovereign, by the way, not nations.

Heather Annastasia said...

You didn't answer my third question!

BTW, I certainly don't mean to imply that I understand anything, but what's the point of trying if not to do something?

I'm going to have to start a thread about anarchy. I think your heart's in the right place, but I don't see how it could equal anthing other than mob rule and the domination of the most brutal sumbitch over everyone else.