Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Uri Avnery -Child of Israel part III

Uri Avneri is one of the few critics of Israel who can't be called an anti-Semite.

He loves Israel and he desperately wants to see it survive as a nation.

Uri Avneri is a Jew, and was a member of the Revisionist Zionist movement before he became an outspoken liberal peace activist.

"You can’t tell me about terrorism, I was a terrorist."

My husband (also Uri) and I have been reading his work for years and have a great deal of respect for him. Anyone wishing to get a greater understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should read Uri Avneri's articles. He is one who truly labors for humanity.

I wanted to do a post on Uri Avneri today because I was worried that my previous posts on Israel might give people the mistaken impression that I am against Jews, or even against Israel, when nothing could be further from the truth (my husband is a Jew). I would like to see Israel succeed, but I think it must drastically change its policies of aggression and oppression before it will be able to exist in peace.

I was reading through the Uri Avneri archives when I found his piece, "War Is a State of Mind," in which he spells out my exact sentiments in yesterday's post, "Cycle of Violence". Needless to say I feel much more secure in my original analysis when I see that someone else has said the same thing. Of course, Mr. Avery's account is a much more thorough and credible one since he has experienced the cultural phenomenon first hand.

I'll recap some of the main points, but I really recommend reading the article.

(Regarding the experiences of a child of Halocaust survivors) "This is violence--not physical violence, but violence nonetheless. Many Israeli children have experienced it, even when the State of Israel became more and more powerful, and Security--with a capital S--became its fetish."

"I once read the reports of a class of Israeli schoolchildren, who had been asked to write down their conclusions after visiting Auschwitz. About a quarter of them said: My conclusion is that after what the Germans have done to us, we must treat minorities and foreigners better than anyone else. But three quarters said: After what the Germans have done to us, our highest duty is to safeguard the existence of the Jewish people, by every possible means, without any limitations."

"This feeling of being the eternal victim still persists, even after we have become a powerful nation in the State of Israel. It is deeply embedded in our consciousness."


sinincincinnati said...

Do you recall I asked you to check out:
She lives in LA.

I confess to having egged her on in the past (because I love her, and we are fellow Southerners).

Bottom line to what you're saying:
Jews are quick learners, but you must be patient and gentle with them too.
Not gentile: gentle.
Hell, you've got to be gentle, period.

Heather Annastasia said...

Sorry, I tried to respond to your comment yesterday, but I couldn't sign in or comment or anything!

(Really Frustrating)

Anyway, I checked out Arlene online a while ago, she seems cool.

sinincincinnati said...

Have you seen Arlene's TV show?

Heather Annastasia said...

No, I just saw her site.