Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I promised Sinincincinnati a post on anarchy, so here it is.

Anarchy would be the state of being without a state. No laws, no government, no social programs.

Who you gonna call?


The obvious benefits of anarchy:
  • No taxes
  • No speed limits (well, that could be good or bad, really)
  • hmm...
  • Squatter's rights! (I've got my eye on a couple of sweet unoccupied houses over by the beach)
  • Did I mention no taxes?
I think the majority of people who honestly believe in anarchy are good people. Too good. They have a lot more faith in humanity than I have, anyway.

Well, I'd really like to see some comments here. Anyone believe anarchy could work?

Tomorrow, we'll talk about Libby, and then on to drug decriminalization.


Jesse said...

Anarchy?!? Are you crazy? If that happens; the whole country will get beaten up, raped, uneducated, drug addicts! That's a crazy idea! Even though there's no taxes; how could we support education or health care! All this from a person planning on socializing government!

Heather Annastasia said...

Hey, I'm with you!

I'm no anarchist.

But I'm not a socialist either.

I'm not anything.

Jason said...

I was watching Howard Zinn's "You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train."
He made the point that it really doesn't matter what you call your government. Democracy, Socialist, Communist, those in control have the power to make it great or terrible.

The US has become far from a democracy. The power of governance has been taken from the people(if we ever really had it to begin with) and redistributed to the the super-rich.

Look to Mexico for glimpses of the future.

Anarchy won't work without a social revolution. People would split off into tribes and give birth to bully warlords. The chances of us seeing a social revolution in our lifetime are very low. The kings men would take care of that. (Jesus, Kennedy, MLK, Lennon, Marley, Diana, etc.)

Heather Annastasia said...

Excellent point, Jason

I don't think anarchy would work at all. Human beings would have to evolve out of their sheep mentality. Let's face it: followers need leaders.

I put your movie recommendation on the top of my Blockbuster Online queue.

Wouldn't you know it? I put up a post on Anarchy for Sin, and Sin is out of town.

Oh, well.

sinincincinnati said...

Consider the source when anyone conflates anarchy with chaos.
Peaceful anarchist(s), such as yours truly, are up against all bureaucrats plus the Islamo-Judeo-Christian religion/state establishment. Not to mention that we are anti-social.

Picture this rather than propaganda:
Chaos is a droplet of water. Anarchy is the atmosphere. All we need is to calm the atmosphere down to zero degrees Celius, and we have, lo and behold, a cute snowflake.

Art said...

A state of anarchy would force me to become a killer. I could'nt sleep at night knowing some of the people living in my neighborhood were operating under no restraints. They would simply have to be removed.