Friday, March 16, 2007

The Garden of Eden

Okay, according to the bible, God told Adam, Don’t eat from the tree of knowledge, or you will surely die that day. (Gen. 2:17)

Then the serpent tells Eve, You’re not going to die; God just doesn’t want you to know what he knows. (Gen. 3:4-5)

Adam and Eve eat the fruit and God says, Oh no, man has eaten from the tree of knowledge and now he knows good and evil as we do. Now we have to kick him out of the garden before he eats from the tree of life and lives forever, too. (Gen. 3:22)

So here’s my question: If you read it literally, who was lying to Adam and Eve, and who was telling the truth?

There’s this guy named Ken Ham who’s building a $25 million creationist museum in Kentucky, and his whole premise is that you have to read Genesis literally.

So just for laughs, I picked up Genesis and started to read it literally, which is when I reached my epiphany: that it was God who lied and the serpent that told the truth (also, there is no literal reference to the serpent being Satan).

You want to see something really scary?

Here's Ken Ham "teaching" kids about evolution.


Derelect said...

I got out my Bible and looked it up.

You're right!

Gus said...

Well this is a fun topic. It really makes you grapple with your faith. The word faith is defined as a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny or an institution to express belief in a divine power. If all of a sudden someone appears to have powers and abilities far beyond your own you might think that they are supernatural. If you're a labrat, the one in the labcoat is probably god to you. That said, keep in mind that the book of genesis is from an earlier sumerian text. In fact the bible is a collection of earlier and varied texts. There is probably a small chunk of truth about our human heritage in that mess somewhere if you know where or how to look. I am convinced that some among us know what's up. I probably wouldn't tell if I had the whole picture either depending on the implications. I can't go on a long rant about what what I think, it's pointless anyway, it's just a theory. All religions are theories with varied belief in the supernatural. Most spin tales that are based on even earlier civilizations and characters. Instead of going on and on, I will just point in a direction, it's all there.

First, do a search for "Isis, Mary, Horus, Jesus"

Now, do a search for "Enki, Enlil, Annunaki, Genesis, Sumer"

This part is really fun, do an image search for "abydos" look for the hiero depicting the spaceship, helicopter, jet, and submarine.

A couple more questions and I'm done...

Why is gold arguably the most tangible of all resources? Who planted that seed in us? If you were never taught it's worth, it would be worth as much as a piece of gravel.

Why Iraq (Sumer, Mesopotamia, Garden Of Eden, Babylon, etc.)

Ken Ham would most likely tell you that any evidence or scholarly discussion about our origins that conflicts with his church is a tool of the devil. That's an old trick. Don't look over there or you won't be able to go to paradise when your body dies.

One Love!

Heather Annastasia said...

It occurred to me in high school (while I was still quite religious) that god would really have to be some infinitely more evolved form of life than ourselves. Of course, this was a slippery slope that inevitably led to becoming completely rational on the matter.

There certainly could be aliens out there watching us, guiding us, tagging us for future study. I think that if the powers-that-be were hiding such knowledge, it would not be out of fear of mass panic. If we had proof of aliens, friend or foe, think of how quickly we would all forget our petty differences; between nations, races, religions, and all the other arbitrary lines we draw (after all, the arbitrary lines are what keep the powers-that-be in power).

I did the searches. A lot of that I saw on documentaries. I was trying to read through one of the explanations about gods /aliens mining gold on earth in the days of Genesis, but I looked up the Bible verses they were quoting, and they weren't matching up.

As for the Egyptian influence on the Hebrew scripture, there are many fascinating connections. The bulk of what is now the Torah was written after the Jews left Egypt.

Of course, I hate to burst any Christian's bubble (you know I just hate to) but the fact of the matter is that when the creation story was written, the concept of Satan did not exist (sorry guys, it really was just a truth-telling snake). The concept of the devil began to evolve after the Jews were exposed to Zoroastrianism, which has a "good god" and a "bad god." Satan evolves in the Jewish writings between what would become the Old Testament and the New Testament for the Christians.

I explain in detail here, if anyone's up for some dry reading. Just read "Christianity: a heretical sect of Judaism," and "Satan: an evolution of thought" for a brief explanation of the concept of Satan. The rest is literary criticism.

gus said...

That was fun and appropriate reading for a Sunday afternoon. Constantine was a special kind of bastard. It would have been cool if he was more like Keanu Reeves :)

Yeah the gold thing is very speculative at best. I'm still curious why gold is so f'n important. It's a great conductor, that's about it. It's shiny. A bit soft comparably.

Where's Mary? Isn't it time for a statement about burning in hell or a lake of fire or something?

Heather Annastasia said...

Good gravy, you read that??

I'm sorry.

I suspect Mary was just passing through.

I was thinking about gold. Maybe it's just pretty and easy to make into pretty stuff. But you know, when everyone, across all cultures, is attracted to the same thing, it's usually because that thing is useful, though its usefulness is not necessarily why we're attracted to it.

For instance, all of the attributes that attract us to a mate are indicators of health and fertility, and even if we just want to have sex (not a partner or offspring) we still find attributes of health and fertility beautiful.

So maybe gold is beautiful because it's useful. Perhaps our attraction to shiny materials that we can mold into things is hard-wired and transcends culture.

Whether aliens have mined gold from earth, who knows?

Heather Annastasia said...

Useful for something besides jewelry and coins, I mean.

Jam said...

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Art Bullard said...

Quantum physics shows us there is a pattern in the universe despite all of it's chaos.Biology teaches us there is a pattern in all living things. Therefore I tend to beleive there is a creator . If aliens do exist he created them as well. As far as a literal interpretation of the bible goes, I beleive God created evolution. Perhaps the story of Cain and Abel is an account of the interaction between modern humans and neanderthal?!

Heather Annastasia said...


Of course few people interpret the bible literally

Heather Annastasia said...

Oops, I didn't mean to post that comment, I wasn't finished!

I once went with the "god made evolution" theory myself. I haven't completely dismissed the possibility of a creator. I just can't figure out why the fundamentalists can't accept science and god at the same time.

That being said, why does order necessitate a creator? What if order is just something that happens?

I wanted to do a post on the subject of morality today, as an extention of my "Let's Get Philosophical" piece, but I've been remiss in my blog duties. I'm sorry.

I'll try to get that morality post up tomorrow. I hope to see Jason, Gus, Damion and Art Bullard here, it should be fun.

gaurang said...

Gold is important cos it does not succumb to the elements very easily. So it'll easy be around for centuries without changing. So ur "Wealth" (or the representation of it) can remain. If we were to consider the barter system, if u worked a week for a sack of potatoes the worth of ur effort diminishes with time or is lost. But if u worked for gold you could keep it for your grandchildren to use.

Plus it malleable n ductile so u can easily mould it and its got a nice glamorous sheen(subjective).

Heather Annastasia said...

That makes sense!

Sage said...

Interesting take. This is more or less Philip Pullman's stance on the whole matter, as well. Not only is God a liar, but his ban on their acquiring KNOWLEDGE is pretty indicative of the church's stance in general (with regards to science, and free inquiry... much better, for them, if you just take it all on FAITH and go on in blissful or perhaps not so blissful ignorance). Far from being something abhorrent, Eve's eating of the Tree of Knowledge did a lot more to bring about human progress (if you're going to interpret it literally) than religion ever has. And I find God quite despicable for kicking them out afterwards, just so that they would not be able to then eat from the Tree of Life and reach a state equivalent to His own! How selfish! God is, by all critical accounts, the villain in that story.