Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's Get Philosophical -Part 1

I want to have an ongoing discussion about government and governance. We can tie this discussion to current events, but it will be mostly philosophical.

Let's face it, it's the same scenario all throughout history: those in power war and scheme in order to gain or to stay in power. This is to the detriment or benefit of everyone else (though they rarely care whether they're helping or hurting the people they control). I'm a student of Pink Floyd, so we'll call this group the Pigs.

Then you have the servants of those in power: soldiers, politicians, bureaucrats. These people are either serving the rulers faithfully, or scheming for power of their own. These are the Dogs (Floyd again).

Then there's everyone else. Everyone else just wants to live and be reasonably happy. They don't want power or control; their natural inclination is to eat, sleep and breed. That's right, the Sheep!

Last, but not least, we have the subsets of the "everyone else" category. Artists, intellectuals, dissenters. These are the black Sheep. They try to talk sense into the herd, but are usually ignored. Sometimes they try to gain influence by becoming political, military, or spiritual leaders, but then they run the risk of becoming Dogs or Pigs and losing their connection to "everyone else".

The criminal element, we'll call the Wolves.

Spiritual leaders are Shepherds.

These categories are not rigid or static. A person can change from one category to another, or fit into more than one category at the same time.

The definitions I've established here will probably evolve with the conversation. Don’t worry if you're not familiar with Pink Floyd (though you should be ashamed of yourself), I'm not strictly adhering to their original concepts of Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep, I'm just ripping off their general idea.


sinincincinnati said...

In your menagerie I guess I would be a fly on the wall.
Whatever, here is a precursor to your upcoming topic concerning legalizing all drugs. It's an e-mail to my old buddy, of the Sinincincinnati Inkwar.

From: David Gallaher
To: Peter Bronson

Date: Sunday, March 11, 2007 7:02 PM
Subject: Founders of US would have rebelled over smoking ban

> I don't think Patrick Henry and Paul Revere anticipated problems like this,
> either.

As you likely know--since I've shared most of my "deep" thoughts with you--I've been saying this for years.
If the First Amendment was supposed to assure we could put whatever cockamamie ideas we choose into our heads, the Second Amendment should logically have assured our right to put whatever cockamamie substance we choose into our bodies.

The reason the Bill of Rights so quickly and easily slipped--by the number--into irrelevance, is because our Founders could not anticipate that their newfangled, puny government could become a monster.

But, you know this too, Peter: You remain incapable of connecting the dots, to wit:
First they came for the alcohol.
I said nothing.
Then they came for the crack.
I said nothing.
Then they came for the nicotine.
Finally I begin to squeak.

David E. Gallaher, Ruthless Gentrifying Rhinarchist Marine Compleat Drug Legalizer
1315 Spring ST, Pendleton Community, already the Indian Hill of Over-the-Rhine-istan
Sinincincinnati (clothing optional), OH 45202

day: 513 639 6752
eve: 513 241 3119

Jason said...

Heather - You just reminded me that I need to read more Orwell. I have a ton of books to read and I can't pull myself away from my computer. Talk about crack. They were on a roll when they put out this album. I love Pink Floyd. They and Zeppelin tie for best rock band ever. In my humble opinion of course. It's all about the rhythm section.

David - I think legislation or control of anything that grows freely is a crime against nature. It is not the role of the government to pass such bullshit and it flies in the face of Darwinism and a free society. When people start refining these substances with other agents that are clearly not natural, that's usually when it gets hazardous to your health(heroin, cocaine, etc.) and really should be regulated. That said, I quit my dozen year smoking addiction six months ago. It wasn't as hard as you might think. I used the patch and tried to keep my mind occupied. I've saved about $700 over the last 6 months by not buying smokes. I quit for a multitude of reasons. 2 are more important that the rest. Smoking is terrible for your stomach. There are a shitload of nasty health effects I know, but nicotine looses up your lower diaphram sphincter (lds) when this stops closing properly you get bad acid reflux which is most unpleasant. I also have a terrible philosophical and political problem with the way the tobacco industry carries on business. For real dude, if you must keep smoking grow your own tobacco. These bastards and their bastardly ways go against everything you stand for (I read all your posts ya know.)

My old roomate (who was a wise old progressive) used to laugh at me while he asked "How's that smoking going, you catchin' a good buzz?" He made his point.

Don't take me the wrong way brother, if you ever come to the beach and hang at my place, I'll break out the ashtray like I do for all my friends, but the the tobacco industry has to go.

Heather Annastasia said...


You're coming dangerously close to incurring the wrath of my husband. I hope those aren't actual phone numbers, I do plan on getting some traffic here evenually, that's not smart.

I haven't gotten to drug decriminalization yet, but it sounds like I should; it could really generate some discussion.

MarySmith123 said...

You have a lot of nerve calling people sheep!

You intellectuals are all the same. You think you're so smart.

I've been reading over this blog, and you don't like Christians. You are not a good person, and you are going to Hell.

Jason said...


Heather Annastasia said...


Relax. I haven't even made my point yet, I've just laid the foundation for all the inflammatory things I'm going to say.

Please come back soon!

sinincincinnati said...

On the Queen City blog wherein is Karen ub da Hood, can you believe not a person (yours truly excepted) was able to connect the dots between the drug addict who robbed her diner to the insane War on Drugs?
Yes, I'm sure you can believe it.
I can report, by the way, that Peter Bronson himself was able to get beyond my phone numbers when he read my letter above. He thought it was funny.
Karen and Peter think genocide is funny. Who am I to judge?

Heather Annastasia said...

Hmm... I'd like to get back to my "Let's Get Philosophical" line of thought, but I'd also like to tackle decriminalization.

I should combine the two.

As for the phone numbers, that's just inappropriate. I don't want to moderate comments because I'm lazy, so if weirdoes start calling you, it's your own fault.

Hopefully I don't start getting spam messages, because I really hate those word verification things. Am I retarded? I swear I have a 50-50 chance at those things.

Jason said...

"Am I retarded? I swear I have a 50-50 chance at those things."

Nah, some of them just don't work right. We should send Al Gore a complaint letter. I think that would be funny (but I'm also warped.) Don't take me wrong, I really like Al Gore. I'm straight and I wouldn't mind playing with his hair. Also, in a political sense he did invent the internet. At least it wouldn't have happened without his involvement, those kids had shit for support and $'s