Monday, May 14, 2007

Taking a Break

I did a Google image search on "Taking a Break," and this is one of the images that came up. For some reason, I find it hilarious.

[I have no recollection what the image was.] 

I'm not exactly taking a break, though, I just need to devote my time to some off-line projects.


Swan said...

Good luck Heather!

C.A. said...

this is the most action I've gotten all week. love, ca.

Gus_J said...

Me too sweetie don't feel bad. How 'bout some female nudity too Heather? Maybe one of the sculptures the neocons like to throw sheets over? Those folks sure like their white sheets dont they?

Anonymous said...

The United States of America is no longer a young republic. We are now, without a doubt, a decadent empire destined for division and conquest. If you need evidence, check out the "bestiality movie shocks Cannes" link on drudgereport.

Heather Annastasia said...

Drudge is a self-hating homosexual who clings to an ideology that feeds his own hate and loathing, which he then spews upon everyone else.

Drudge needs to accept and love himself, but in order to do that, he would have to let go of the conservative Christian ideology which torments his every waking thought.

I have visited his site in the past and found that he has nothing intelligent to say. I have no desire to go back.

Anonymous said...

With Heather taking a break this week I thought the hereafter attached clip could stimulate some discussion...

Gaza: Female TV staff get death threat

A radical Islamic group in the Gaza Strip issued a death threat over the weekend against women working for the official Palestinian Authority television station, accusing them of dressing immodestly and behaving in a way that violates the teachings of Islam. The threat, the first of its kind against female employees of Palestine TV, was made by the Righteous Swords of Islam, a relatively new group that is believed to have links with al-Qaida. The group has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on Internet cafes and restaurants in the Gaza Strip over the past year. Members of the group are also responsible for splashing acid in the face of a number of young women who had been accused of "immoral behavior." The Righteous Swords of Islam is one of three al-Qaida-affiliated groups that have popped up in the Gaza Strip over the past two years.

PA officials in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that the presence of the extremist groups in the Gaza Strip would "eventually lead to the transformation of the Palestinian territories into a Taliban-style entity." According to one official, "The day will come when we will miss Hamas. These are extremely dangerous groups that are trying to take Palestinian society back to the Dark Ages."

A leaflet distributed by the Righteous Swords of Islam specifically referred to the women who appear on Palestine TV. "The saying these days is that the enemy has withdrawn from the Gaza Strip and so have our morals," it read. "It's indeed disgraceful that the women working for the official Palestinian media are competing with each other to display their charms." Referring to the fact that most of the female presenters were not wearing the niqab, a veil covering the face of Muslim women as a part of hijab, the leaflet asked: "Where are the decision-makers in this regard? Have we lost our conscience? Have the brothers, fathers and husbands stopped caring about their women?"

The group warned that its members would strike with an "iron fist and swords" against the women who are refusing to cover their faces. "We will destroy their homes," it announced. "We will blow up their working places. We have a lot of information about their addresses and we are following their movements." The leaflet concluded by threatening to "slaughter" the women for allegedly spreading corruption in Palestinian society by appearing on the screen with their faces uncovered. "The administration and workers at Palestine TV should know that we are much closer to them than they think," it added. "If necessary, we will behead and slaughter to preserve the spirit and morals of our people."

Anonymous said...

Here's something else to chew on...

Mayor Bloomberg is dangerous. That attitude is completely innapropriate and the man at the helm of America's biggest city absolutely must be more vigilant.

Bloomberg On JFK Plot: 'Stop Worrying, Get A Life'
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Marcia Kramer

(CBS) NEW YORK While questions continue to arise about the alleged plot to blow up a fuel pipeline beneath JFK Airport and surrounding neighborhoods, some are questioning why New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hasn't had a louder voice since the plot was foiled on Saturday.

On Monday, Bloomberg finally weighed in, but his response was not what some would have expected.

"There are lots of threats to you in the world. There's the threat of a heart attack for genetic reasons. You can't sit there and worry about everything. Get a life," he said.

That "What, me worry?" attitude pretty much sums up Bloomberg's advice to New Yorkers on the terror plot. As far as he was concerned, the professionals were on it, so New Yorkers shouldn't let it tax their brains.

"You have a much greater danger of being hit by lightning than being struck by a terrorist," he added.

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New Yorkers say Bloomberg is entitled to his opinions, but not everybody agrees with him.

"I feel that he's definitely wrong about that because terrorism right now is at its all-time high since 9/11. Everybody wants to be a terrorist and blow something up," one New Yorker told CBS 2 HD.

"We're always going to be a major hit for terrorism. After 9/11, you never know," another added.

Still, others agreed with Bloomberg and said the only way to live in normalcy is to do just that -- live in normalcy.

"There's always a threat, always a possibility, but you always have to keep living your life," a city resident said.

"If you are scared, you know it will be tough to come to work in the city everyday. You don't have to be scared, we're not afraid of anything," said another.

Officials do point out that our post-9/11 intelligence is much better now than it was back then. According to Bloomberg, New York City is still the safest city in America.

New FBI crime statistics show the city continued its decline in violent crime, defying the national trend. Last year the city posted another 5.3 percent drop, whereas violent crime nationally increased by 1.3 percent.

"In terms of what you as individual on the streets should worry about is not whether the person sitting next to you on the subway is a terrorist. The likelihood of that is so small it is not something you should worry about," Bloomberg said.

Heather Annastasia said...

Fear is the enemy of life.

When you give in to blackmail; you will continue to be blackmailed.

When you submit to a bully, you will be bullied for the rest of your life.

A life lived in fear is not a life worth living.

We must ALWAYS refused to honor the wishes of those who try to control us with fear. It is ONLY through our fear that they find the power to control us.

Whether they are trying to frighten us into covering our faces, worshipping a god, or giving up the Constitutional rights for which so many have fought and died, we must not submit or we will be submitting until our oppressors take the very lives we are trying to preserve through our submission.

Anonymous said...

...And if Bloomberg was leading charismatically and inspiring people to live without fear I would applaud him for it. I don't think that "get a life and quit worrying" falls into that category. To my ears Bloomberg is telling people to ignore any danger and live your lives oblivious to the world around you. That's BS. I understand that New Yorker's are so mindless that legislation needs to be enacted to keep them from eating fast food, but telling people who want to know what the government is doing about imminent threats to "get a life" is inexcusable.

Heather Annastasia said...

I haven't seen a single politician who is inspiring courage in the American people, or even attempting to do so.

The Republicans continue to puch the rhetoric of fear and terror, and the Democrats continue to worship at the altar of public opinion instead rather than take a true and decisive stand on anything.

Swan said...

Hi Heather, I've been super busy but wanted to chime in about your post about fear and having a life worth living. I so agree!

As far as the presidential race - I try not to discuss politics, because I can't take the arguing and everyone seems to know more about it than I do (like I said, I'm super busy).

I just hope for the best. I think some of the candidates are kind of insane - like they're nuts. I am really worried about the state of the world and America, and hope whoever is elected is better than the candidates look now.

In my heart of hearts, I am really worried that we've been involved in military actions that will have decades of negative repercussions.

Priapus Dave O'Sinincincinnati said...

It's the incongruenties of this dude.
I mean his body is not that of a couch potato, yet he has a couch potato penis.

Anonymous said...

Oldest DNA ever recovered shows warmer planet: report

Jul 5 03:14 PM US/Eastern

View larger image

Scientists who probed two kilometers (1.2 miles) through a Greenland glacier to recover the oldest plant DNA on record said Thursday the planet was far warmer hundreds of thousands of years ago than is generally believed.
DNA of trees, plants and insects including butterflies and spiders from beneath the southern Greenland glacier was estimated to date to 450,000 to 900,000 years ago, according to the remnants retrieved from this long-vanished boreal forest.

That contrasts sharply with the prevailing view that a lush forest of this kind could only have existed in Greenland as recently as 2.4 million years ago, according to a summary of the study, which is published Thursday in the journal Science.

The samples suggest the temperature probably reached 10 degrees C (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer and -17 C (1 F) in the winter.

They also indicated that during the last period between ice ages, 116,000-130,000 years ago, when temperatures were on average 5 C (9 F) higher than now, the glaciers on Greenland did not completely melt away.

"These findings allow us to make a more accurate environmental reconstruction of the time period from which these samples were taken," said Martin Sharp, a glaciologist at the University of Alberta, Canada, and a co-author of the paper.

"What we've learned is that this part of the world was significantly warmer than most people thought."

In a separate paper, also published in Science, European experts said they had analysed the world's deepest ice core, enabling them to reconstruct patterns of warming and glaciation over the past 800,000 years.

The 3,260-metre (10,595-feet) core was drilled into the East Antarctica icesheet at the Franco-Italian base, Dome C. The drillers, gathered in a venture called the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) stopped just 15 metres (48.75 feet) short of the bedrock.

Using traces of the hydrogen isotope deuterium in air bubbles trapped in the ice layers, the scientists built a record of greenhouse-gas concentrations over the aeons, which in turn provides a record of temperature.

They found the temperature varied widely, by as much as 15 C (27 F) over the 800,000 years. In the last Ice Age, which ended around 11,000 years ago, the temperature was 10 C (18 F) lower than today.

The EPICA team had previously analysed the Dome C core to a depth equivalent to 650,000 years ago.

Swan said...

Wow, I love this stuff. It seems the more we know, the more we find out we don't know. I had heard the planet had some pretty extreme climate cycles before, and this seems to show that.

Heather Annastasia said...

"It seems the more we know, the more we find out we don't know."

Well said and right on!


Thanks for the info.

The main the problem I have with the global warming alarmists is that they seem to honestly think that the earth's climate is supposed to ramain constant, and if it doesn't, it must be OUR fault.

There are few apparent constants in the universe, I think gravity is one. Climate certainly is not.