Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UF Student tasered at John Kerry Speech

"When they come for the innocent without stepping over your body, cursed be your religion and your life."

There are so many things I want to say about this clip. I really want everyone to listen to the entire thing (I say listen because the picture is terrible).

A few things I noticed:

The police are surrounding this kid very early in his question; the moment the question seems hostile.

This kid never once threatened Kerry or anyone else verbally, physically, or otherwise.

At the end of the clip, the student holding the camera begins yelling "police brutality" and "Rodney King," and is told by a police officer, "You better shut the fuck up."

(I saw a T-shirt at the mall today and thought of Kerry. It said, "If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you.")

Okay, so the most hostile and inflammatory question that came out of that kid's mouth was, "Were you a member of the Skull and Bones Society?" Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale (and Kerry was a member) that boasts such prestigious members as Bush I, Bush II, and Grandpa (Prescott) Bush.

The implication is that Kerry possibly conceded the election because he's down with that crowd, and that reminded me of something that's been pricking at me since the 2004 Iowa Primaries.

See, the thing is, according to polls taken between Jan 12th and 15th, John Kerry was pretty far down on the totem pole. He had 7% of the vote, behind Gephardt (11%), Clark (12%), and Dean (24%).

Then four days later, on January 19th, he won the Iowa Caucus with 38% of the vote. Of course, once you win the first caucus, the nomination is in the bag because people are sheep.

I'm no conspiracy theorist, honest, it's just something that's bothered me. How do you go from "Kerry Who?" to winning the caucus?

The important thing about Kerry, though, is that he stood there and let a college student who was grilling him get tasered by the police.

We like to think that we live in a country where a college student can ask tough questions of a politician, but that's the kind of right that is never a given. Each and every person must decide whether they will fight for such rights, or whether they will "shut the fuck up" and get in line.


Bluecat said...

We here in Massachusetts know all to well what Sen. John "Live Shot" Kerry is about. In his mind, it's all about him. It's common knowledge that he's a fond user of the phrase "Do you know who I am?". Yes John, we know who and what you are. After all these years we're still waiting for you to do something in the Senate that doesn't involve you or your image. Just for once Senator, do it for us!

sara said...

I don't think this kind of unwarranted overreaction on the part of the police or security forces is unique to America. If the recent APEC Summit in Sydney, Australia is any indication, the international political climate has changed enough to allow the erosion of political and civil freedoms to the point that the mere act of questioning becomes equated with attacking.

Webpm1 said...

You need to talk to any police officer. The reason this disrespectful big-mouth was tasered was for his own saftey. When someone is handcuffed and acting the way this show-boating idiot was, the police tasered him, as they do with all handcuffed criminals is to protect the idiot from hurting himself! Andone with a brain, knows to show respect to the Police when you are handcuffed. Not behave the way this lame-brain was behaving. So, he got exactly what he diserved. He needs to learn respect for the law. Maybe he has learned that now.

Heather Annastasia said...


The police tasered this guy to protect him from himself?

Did he have a gun? Did he have a knife? Was he foaming at the mouth?

This guy was not dangerous, he was just abnoxious and unruly.

People like you beleive that the safest course of action is to blindly trust authority, but you need to open up a history book.

Those in authority are not always the good guys, and even if they are, excessive force can NEVER be tolerated. If you give a jerk with a badge an inch; he WILL take a mile.

BS Industries said...

To Sara,

That's true, any dissent to the dominant views are being equated to treason.

A thought provoking clip here.

Jack H said...


You assume that all citizens in this need to just shut up and get back in line? All he did was ask a question, whatever his tone was, it was completely out of line to tell him to shut up and sit down. He technically didn't do anything wrong except for resisting arrest.