Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pop Quiz

Name the deity described below:

  • He was born of a virgin
  • His father was a carpenter
  • His birth was attended by angels & wise men
  • He was persecuted by a tyrant
  • He was of royal descent
  • He was baptized in a river
  • He worked miracles
  • He raised the dead and healed the sick
  • He used parables to teach
  • He lived poor and loved the poor
  • He was transfigured in front of his disciples
  • He died on a tree
  • He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven
  • He is the second person of the Trinity
  • He is considered "the Beginning, the Middle, and the End"
  • He is to return to do battle with "the Prince of Darkness"
a) Krishna
b) Christ
c) Horus
d) All of the above

For more information, visit Gnostic Media.


Damion said...

Fuck Jesus,

Fuck Mohamed,

Fuck Krishna

Fuck Vishnu,

Fuck Buddha,

And fuck and Wiccan gods, too.

Horace is cool... He kind of looks like an eagle. I can dig that.

P.S. Fuck anybody else I missed.

God said...



damion said...

Another puss without a name. Intellectual cowards hide behind dogma and the name god, which by the way spelled backwards is dog.. I don't know should I use a capital d in dog?? What do you think, god?

So speaketh Damion.

Heather Annastasia said...

People, relax!

Anonymous said...

Cool quiz. Just the other day, I found a website that had the entire video of "The God Who Wasn't There" by Brian Flemming for free. (I would have left a link, but the video is gone now, sorry.) The same list of characteristics were discussed. The point was that dozens of gods that were popular in that era like Jesus, Dionysis, Isis were born from a virgin, visited by wise men, did miracles, rose from dead, etc...

I have heard that before, but The God Who Wasn't There did a very good job with the specifics. This info was nothing new, but it did help to solidify my opinion that God was made in man's image, instead of the way christianists' think.

I wish the video were still free online, but you can check out the official website and see the trailer here:

Dirk Diggler

Tatarize said...

There's a bit of a stretch on those places. There's certainly parallels between hero stories.

Horus however was born of Osiris and Hathor. Not a virgin by any real reading. Some versions have Osiris being dead and put back together and then fathering Horus.

Not be to rude, but I'm a mythicists, and kind of dislike poor arguments for things I believe. Stretching myths to fit is unneeded, there are a number of really good parallels. And Jesus fits the mold of a hero story perfectly... probably because it's written as fiction. No need to stretch the actual myths further than they go.

Yes those things are reoccuring bits in the story. Joseph Campbell pointed out more than enough parallels between all myths.

Heather Annastasia said...


Thanks, I'll check that out.


The Virgin thing is not quite the stretch you think it is.

See, the thing about Horus is that he was worshiped by Egyptians for the entire span of Ancient Egyptian civilization. That's thousands of years; through different dynasties and cultural changes.

Horace being the son of Osiris and Hathor is only one of many stories of his conception and/or birth. Another involves Isis not exactly having sex with Osiris, since it is after he is killed and torn to pieces by Set, and she had to fashion a substitute penis since the original was either not found or broken (depending on the story).

Later, Horus and Osiris slowly merge into one being, essentially making Horus his own father.

The whole thing gets even weirder, depending on which story you read.