Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mindless Sheep Herded into Religious Frenzy

I'm assuming you know the story, but I'll break it down to the bear facts:

Gillian Gibbons, a 54-year-old British school teacher, was teaching a second grade class in Sudan.

She allowed the kids to name a class teddy bear "Mohamed," a common enough name in a Muslim country. The bear was used for a class writing project.

One of her colleagues turned her in for the criminal offense of naming a toy (or animal, or whatever) the name of the prophet.

She was convicted, and the court was extremely lenient, sentencing her to 15 days in prison to be followed by deportation.

Now there are riots in the streets of Sudan of Muslims demanding she be put to death.

This is exactly what is wrong with religion! Any human being who would stop for a moment and use their brain could easily see that this was a simple misunderstanding, not a willful insult.

But religious sheep do not use their brains. They have been conditioned against using their brains.

Instead, they gather together in groups and listen to a religious leader who speaks passionately and feverishly about infidels and crimes against god. The sheep allow themselves to be swept up in a senseless fervor of rage, and mass hysteria ensues.

Of course, the leaders are using their brains.

They know that there was no intended insult to the prophet, the religion, or the country of Sudan.

But they see an opportunity to further their agenda: war with the non-Islamic world.

This is why we as a species must throw off the chains of religion. Whatever good religion may do is first of all obtainable through reason, and second, nullified by the evil it does.