Monday, December 15, 2008

Witness Bush's Cat-Like Reflexes

Seriously, do you think this president walks around anticipating that someone is going to throw something at him?


Anonymous said...


I just can't get enough of that

greggy44 said...

It's a new era in America, the divisions the so divided our land are made less significant by the mere act of transition of the reins of power to a new vision for our country. The yearning for this day have been loud and pervasive, coming from every segment of the nation. Today, it begins, and the expectations are great. As they should be. It matters little that the bar has been left so low, so low in fact that that Mr. Obama need merely take the oath of office to exceed what came before. But that is a good thing. To overcome what was left behind by the past administration is a challenge to merely get one's mind around. To effect change, real change is going to require sacrifice from all segments of our society. So, the bar must be low enough for everyone to leap. When all have made it across, the bar will then begin it's steady clime skyward, bringing all Americans with it, and in that way, will inspire other's to follow.

American's are at their best when moving forward. We've rarely done otherwise, it befuddles American's, as well as the world, when we stand still, much less when we fall back. It matters little, really, what individual American's think about the proposition that America is looked to for leadership in world events and attitude for the direction the world will take that is best for humanity. The fundamental truth of that is self evident. When America is left asunder as it was after the tragedy of September 11 2001, the evils in this world are left to fill the gap.

As we continue to struggle, the world founders as well, and evil is left to grow and menace more of the earth. Whether one believes the role we play is a matter of design by forces greater than ourselves, an accident of history due to the fall of Soviet power, or a mere quirk in the history of humanity, it changes nothing. We're “it,” American exceptionalism is more than mere rhetoric, it is a fundamental concept that no other nation can claim, much less believe.

We need to take up those reigns again and be the leader that we are. The world will follow, perhaps, in fits and starts, some more willingly than other's, but they'll follow; nobody willingly wants to be left behind. Even the peoples of the backwards region of Afghanistan, if left to choose for themselves, as opposed to being dictated to, cannot want to lead lives stuck in the past forever to be a cesspool of corruption and militancy, What kind of promise can that hold? Can the parents of the children of any part of the world truly want less for their children than they themselves have? I don't believe such a thing is possible. Can those people be separated from the grip of those that hold them so tightly? I'm not the one to know. Can we wait? A while. But America is at it's best and helps the greatest number of people, when she is moving forward.

May God continue to bless these United States of America the greatest nation man is likely to witness!

“Let freedom ring”