Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obamamania - the Flip-side

It's clear that the honeymoon is over and Obamamania -in terms of senseless worship from supporters- has given way to rational expectations.

Some of us are concerned that the president is not acting quickly enough to close Guantanamo, or that he is slipping on his pledge to end "Don't Ask; Don't Tell."

Regarding the financial crisis, I was more in favor of a "We don't need no water" approach, rather than a massive taxpayer bailout of the [expletive deleted] bankers who got us into this mess.

But there's a flip-side to Obamania -an equally senseless loathing from his detractors- that is not giving way to any measure of rationality.

There is just no logical explanation for such venom hissed at a president who has yet to be in office for a full year.

Let's look at just a few puzzling right-wing reactions to this president.

  • The President tells school children to work hard and stay in school: OUTRAGE!
  • The President tries to bring the the Olympics home and fails: JUBILATION!
  • The President wins the Nobel Peace Prize: INDIGNATION!
Now, we can always count on fringe groups to irrationally worship or demonize public figures. And sometimes such sentiments spill out into the general population; but it doesn't last.

Here's my concern: I think the Republican Party is becoming a fringe group. Has anyone bothered to tell them that they can't win elections with only the Southern states? Even if they whip every last WASP in the country into a raging, foaming-at-the-mouth, gun brandishing frenzy; there just aren't enough of them to win national elections!

Well I'm not going to tell them. I plan on taking a "We don't need no water" approach. We'll see how it plays out.


Steven said...

I am tired of all the Obama bashing being generated from the right wing of this country. We are at the point where even the Burak Obama supporters are questioning his competence and the direction in which he is driving America. Why is our president is more popular in Europe and Asia than he is in the U.S.? Because the GOP media and politicians, who act like spoiled brats, kick and scream louder than majority. They have no platform other than to disagree with Obama to avoid being marginalized. These blowhards including Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Paling know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, even though so much of what they holler about has no merit. My question is…Where are all the people that were apart of the greatest political and social victory in the history of our country? One year ago African Americans were vindicated and released from 300 years of oppression and segregation by the conservative shackles put upon them. This was not only a victory for them but for all Americans of color or those with a social conscious. Our American brothers that were all for change that come from India, Africa, China, Japan, South America, Central America and on and on, this was a victory and redemption for all of you. This was the moment in time when all of these citizens were given the opportunity to be a legitimate piece of the American fabric, to take what has always been rightfully yours, and take action to help advance our country back into the global leader that we had once been. Not from a military standpoint but from a social, economic and humanitarian standpoint.
When I look at what is going on through the media, communities, social networking, and the Change that we all wanted, supported and won, I see much more effort spent in figuring out why Oprah is canceling her show or if Lebron is going to NY or Miami.
I realize times are tough and so many of us are worried about jobs, medical insurance and losing our homes, but what is happening is that the imperial warlords that want their bombs and power back are taking advantage of our problems to kick our guy out of office.
Remember what got us here. Stop eating that bag of Cheetos in front of the TV, and make something happen. “Ask not what our county can do for you…”. YOUR country is working for you, now help our president achieve the things we all gathered around and supported and let’s build this country into what we always dreamed it could be, the reason we all came here in the first place.
If you don’t, you will have wasted a monumental opportunity that will probably not come back to you in your lifetime.

Steve Smith

Heather said...

Good post, thank you!

The thing about liberals is that we are naturally thinkers and questioners. Unlike conservatives, we will even question our own leadership; people we like.

To the right, this looks like disarray, and it gives them hope that we can be divided conquered. Remember how long it took us to decide between Obama and Hilary? The right thinks in terms of black & white; good & evil; yer either with us er yer against us! This kind of thinking is so ingrained into their psyche that they honestly figured that that most Hilary supporters were not going to turn around and vote for Obama. They couldn't see that for us, supporting Hilary didn't mean demonizing Obama, or vice-versa.

Granted, we walk a dangerous political line with our resistance to uniformity, but it's the price we pay for not being sheep. I am fairly confident that we will pull together and re-elect Obama, especially since the Republican party is whittling itself down to a pure, snow-white evangelical super-minority.

Professor Dr Dr Bob said...

I would love to hear your opinions of my hope for a better America. Thank you.