Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Egyptians,

You have come so far. Don't give up now!

No system of government is perfect. There will always be selfish, greedy, short-sighted bullies trying to take for themselves what should rightly be shared. There will always be gluttonous monsters who will flood fertile green fields with the blood of innocents before they would give a single grain to a starving child.

And it will always be the tendency of the masses to live like sheep; quietly following the butt of the sheep in front of them, unwilling to expend the energy necessary to even lift up their heads and look at the world they live in.

But there are moments in history, however brief, when we shake off our docile stupor and risk our lives to take the reins of our own destiny. There are moments when we humbly accept our obligation to humanity, climb out of the herd, and refuse to accept anything other than justice and the free will granted to us by the magnitude of our frontal cortex.

I know this is terrifying. It's terrifying to watch, but you have our attention. Sheep from every corner of the globe are breathlessly watching your heroism in the face of tyranny. I can't tell you that what you eventually accomplish will be exactly what you hoped for, but it will be yours.

Rip your destiny from the hands of your oppressors, and it will be yours to mold and guard, and you will pass it on to your children with the hope that they will never allow it to be stolen away again.

It is that hope that you are fighting for, and it is more valuable than the blood, sweat and tears you will shed to get it. You can feel the hope at your fingertips, you are so close, and though it is barely in your grasp, already you are throwing its seeds high into the atmosphere where winds carry it to the rest of the world. You have already taken your place in human history and continued the germination of hope, justice, and freedom.

Now take what is yours and plant it in the waiting earth beneath your feet.




Joe DeShano said...

Thank you for writing on this great event. Today is the day your prayers may have come to be reality. Please continue, because I believe your on target with your thoughts.

Heather said...

Thank you. I really appreciate your encouragement.