Thursday, April 28, 2011

Affirmative Action

This country has come just far enough that public displays of hate and racism must be made in code. Gone are the days when a mild-mannered white person could simply say, "I don't think a black guy should be president." (Of course, the "one drop" rule still applies, since we don't recognize that our president is actually half white.)

So, since people like Donald Trump can't question the legitimacy of our president on the grounds that he is black, he hammers the ridiculous question of whether he was born in the United States. (It's not like Trump can be racist. He gets along so well with "the blacks.")

But Trump can no longer hammer the birth certificate issue now that Obama has produced the coveted long form version. (Personally, I don't think Obama should have dignified the question with a response.)

What now, Donald?

That's right, now we're going to question whether Obama should have gotten into Columbia and Harvard. After all, it's not like he had rich parents who could buy his way in. Where does he get off, anyway? Getting a top-notch education? There was a rich white kid who could have used that spot. Uppity. That's what it is.

Seriously though, I think Trump is doing a great service to our country. He's stirring up the filthy muck that rests in the depths of our society, lest we believe that the election of a person of color to our highest office is a sign of the end of hate and racism in this country. Keep stirring, Mr. Trump! Keep drudging that mud up to the surface and exposing it to the light of day. Keep proving that we still need Affirmative Action to level the playing field for intelligent minority kids whose parents can't buy them a good education or job.

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Jerry Lavey said...

Heather -- Excellent. You nailed it. I just realized what was afoot earlier this week when it dawned on me: This can't be just about his birth certificate. It's about his legitimacy as President. How sad, but predictable. Jerry