Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Day of Atonement

As I fast for Yom Kippur, with each hunger pang that rattles through my gut, I am thinking about all the people, right here in San Diego, who are hungry today, not by choice, but because their wallet is as empty as their stomach. I am thinking of the mother in Somalia right now whose stomach has given up crying out to her for food, as has her child. She stares numbly into the distance as her baby quietly withers away in her arms. I am also thinking of the gluttons; the 1% of the population who hoard enough money to feed everyone who is hungry and would still have enough left over to live comfortable lives. We are the 99%, and if we don't take a stand for our brothers and sisters who go without food, clean water, and basic human dignity, then we will eventually join them. For the greed of the 1% is boundless and insatiable.

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