Saturday, October 29, 2011

To the 99% in San Diego and around the world who are being harassed by police:

Stay strong. Stay calm.

You are doing a great service to this country. Many people are made uneasy by the thought of standing up to authority (particularly those in authority). This is just the way most people are wired, and this natural inclination to acquiesce to authority figures is largely conducive to a civil society. But those who have the ability and the will to challenge authority and the status quo must accept the responsibility to answer to a higher moral consciousness than the average sheep.

The cage rattlers, the agitators, the children who color outside the lines... this is our time to shine, this is our moment to serve our fellow citizens and change our society for the better.

Stay true to your principles. Walk with a righteousness that few can comprehend. Remember your duty to serve, even as those whose job description is to serve lose sight of that very duty. Be honorable, kind, upright and strong; because when such individuals are dragged away unjustly by frightened authority figures, the rest of the herd takes notice and we become stronger and stronger.

Thank you all!


Jerry Lavey said...

Good stuff, Heather. You said I well and you said it succinctly. Point well made. Nice job. Jerry

Heather said...

thanks :)