Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Religious Freedom vs. Separation of Church and State

Why do politicians make things so difficult?

This whole issue of Catholic organizations not wanting to pay for health insurance for employees which covers birth control has an incredibly SIMPLE solution.

Does a Catholic hospital  (which does not pay taxes) have the right to deny paying for insurance which will cover birth control for its non-catholic employees (who do pay taxes)?

Absolutely! It's a matter of religious freedom, is it not? They shouldn't have to pay for something that they think is morally wrong.

And secular tax money (such as the money paid by the employees in question) should not be given to religious organizations which impose their religious views on their non-religious clients or employees.

So, the above mentioned Catholic hospital should be ineligible to receive government money of any kind, including Medicare and Medicaid.

So simple.

If such legislation were passed, how quickly would these Catholic institutions shut up and pay for women's health insurance?


Ronald L DeGrove said...


I love your idea for the Catholic Church to refuse the nasty money from the federal government. The Bible does say something about "filthy lucer"

I invite you to view my blog as we seem to write on similar topics.

Gerald E. Lavey said...

Start writing again, Heather. That's an order. It's not incredibly hard. Just sit down at your computer and start writing again. You have a gift. Use it.

Heather said...

Aww... Thanks. I'm trying.