Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The math has already been solved, but the class is staring out the window.

 How is nobody seeing this?

Romney says that all of his tax cuts will be "budget neutral" because he will balance the tax cuts by closing deductions and loopholes.

So if, when people sit down to do their taxes, whatever they save in tax cuts, they will pay back by claiming fewer deductions, and it all equals out to the same amount they were paying before... what exactly has been accomplished? How does this solve anything?

If your premise is that cutting taxes will enable "job creators" to "create jobs," how could you encourage job growth if the "job creators" are still paying the same amount in taxes?

And from the government side, how do tax cuts that are "budget neutral" solve anything??

Everyone keeps focusing on the fact that Romney and Ryan are refusing to provide details about their tax plan, when they have already provided the only detail that matters:

 tax cuts  getting rid of loopholes and deductions  $0

They already did the math, and it equals NOTHING!

Am I Alice?

Is this Wonderland?

Can someone pass the crazy juice because I'm tired of being sane. I hate math!

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