Friday, March 8, 2013

Why we need more female cops

A few nights ago, I heard cries for help and ran outside to find a half naked and badly beaten girl crouched against the curb crying.

She was a prostitute.

I put my coat around her, and my arms. I called the police and stayed with her until they came.

The police came, and the paramedics, and the firefighters.

They were all burly men, towering over the girl sitting on the curb. They did their job, but there was no compassion in their voices; no empathy in their demeanor. My own husband stood with his arms crossed, rolling his eyes.

When people talk about women being cops and firefighters, they talk about physical strength and authority.

But what about the ability to look at a prostitute and see a lost and fragile girl who has made some bad decisions, but doesn't deserve to be treated like a piece of garbage. Why shouldn't a police officer know what it feels like to be vulnerable and weak? How much safer would citizens feel if some of the people who responded to their calls for help could put their arm around them and tell them that everything is going to be ok?

My dream for women in this country, and in this world, is not that we be treated exactly the same as men, but that our strengths would be equally valued.

We're Back, Baby!

Did you hear the news??

Wall Street is back on top and the Dow Jones is hitting record highs!!


It's not like Wall Street's reckless pursuit of profits is what drove our economy into the ground in the first place, right?

Fear not, citizens! Take heart in knowing that as long as the insanely wealthy are making money hand over fist, there will always be enough minimum wage jobs to go around!

What's that, you say? You can't pay your bills on minimum wage? Don't you worry, kiddo, there's plenty more where that came from! Here, take two!

What? You need to feed your kids also? Well, that's what Food Stamps are for! Now, I realize that there are fewer Food Stamps available these days, but that's because the stupid government can't balance it's books when the only people paying their taxes are Middle Class chumps.

But don't you worry about that, either.

If we stay on this course, there won't be a Middle Class!

Now take your Food Stamps and run along before you miss the bus. With all these budget cuts, there are fewer buses also, so if you miss it, you are going to be late to your second job.