Friday, March 8, 2013

Why we need more female cops

A few nights ago, I heard cries for help and ran outside to find a half naked and badly beaten girl crouched against the curb crying.

She was a prostitute.

I put my coat around her, and my arms. I called the police and stayed with her until they came.

The police came, and the paramedics, and the firefighters.

They were all burly men, towering over the girl sitting on the curb. They did their job, but there was no compassion in their voices; no empathy in their demeanor. My own husband stood with his arms crossed, rolling his eyes.

When people talk about women being cops and firefighters, they talk about physical strength and authority.

But what about the ability to look at a prostitute and see a lost and fragile girl who has made some bad decisions, but doesn't deserve to be treated like a piece of garbage. Why shouldn't a police officer know what it feels like to be vulnerable and weak? How much safer would citizens feel if some of the people who responded to their calls for help could put their arm around them and tell them that everything is going to be ok?

My dream for women in this country, and in this world, is not that we be treated exactly the same as men, but that our strengths would be equally valued.


Gerald E. Lavey said...

Right on, Heather. Well said. It's so sad that in this so-called enlightened stage of history we still don't get this. We don't value the very gifts and strengths women bring to the table that would complement our own and would benefit all. When I think how much providing women full partnership in the Catholic Church, e.g., would transform the Church, it makes me crazy that we keep resisting that obvious step.

nunya said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For your wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Albertus said...

First time reader here, saw your blog listed at respublica... As a grandfather of 3 yr old fraternal twins, I understand about not finding time to write- same issue for my son. I'll be looking for more thoughts at your site. Keep at it. --al
P.S. about women police, the trick is to remain a woman. I've met both, and they both do good work, but . . . It's too bad that, as in the military, the macho culture invades even the best instincts of men.

Heather Annastasia Siladi said...

Thanks all.

Dear Albertus,

I got your comment through my email, but I don't see it here. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened. Thank you, and hope to see you around the blogosphere. Tell your son that there will always be time for writing, but those twins are going to be in high school before he can blink. They are an all-consuming time and money draining force of nature, and every moment is a priceless blessing!