Monday, July 21, 2014

On Israel and Palestine

The survival of the Jewish State is vital to the survival of the Jewish people.
The state of Israel may not survive unless there is a permanent solution to the problem of Gaza and the Palestinians.
It is fair to say, "what would you expect us to do when they are raining rockets down on our cities and hiding in mosques and hospitals?"
But the overwhelming disparies between military might and the number of casualties on both sides speak volumes to the rest of the world.
It's like when neighbors see that your child has been beaten black and blue, and you say, "what would you expect me to do when he's running around my house breaking things because he's angry?"
The question that Israelis really need to be asking is, "what would WE do if 1.8 million Jews were walled off on a 130 square mile strip of land for decades?"
What would any group of people do with the building supplies that were so graciously allowed into the refugee camps?
The US military is funding this violence instead of funding a two-state solution (and making such a solution contingent upon future financial aid).
Why is the US doing this, when it's only hurting Israel's chances of survival in the long run? Of course, much of the support from American Christians is simply an effort to bring about the apocalypse and has NOTHING to do with any sincere love for the Jews.
Here is the one truth of which I am certain: people are people the world over, and the way people respond to their circumstances is consistent and predictable regardless of race, color or creed.
Only Israel has the power to change the circumstances that the Palestinians are reacting to, and longer Israel fails to do that, the more bitter both sides become.

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