Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Gerald Lavey,

I haven't written many posts here since you died. Partly because I know that I can no longer look forward to your input, your inspiration, your kind words, and your thoughtful insights.

But mostly it's because when I read through my old posts and see your comments, I'm just sad that you're gone, and I don't feel like writing a new post.

I'm still working on that article that you so kindly helped me with. I want to get it published, in part because your name is in it, and I want to honor you for the wonderful person you are.

At first it seems odd that I never actually met you in "real life," but I think that fact is testament to modern communication technology. I know that there have been many correspondents over the centuries who have exchanged intellectual ideas and grown close by the written word alone, but today, almost everyone has the opportunity to get to know so many people all over the world who we would never meet in the "real" world. And more importantly, people as wonderful as you have the opportunity to personally touch the lives of people who would otherwise never have the blessing of a person like you in their lives.

I wish I could have known you longer, but I know I have to just be thankful that I knew you for the short time I did. I've made a lot of dramatic changes in my life recently, and I'm ready to take all of your precious advice to heart and be the writer I know I can be.

I have always said that I never met a Jesuit I didn't like, and you of course were no exception. Jerry, I am so happy that you got to see a Jesuit Pope, and the real hope for the world that Pope Francis embodies.

I am hoping with this letter I can get back to that part of myself that you breathed new life into before you departed. I want to believe in myself as much as you believed in me.

Thank you for everything Jerry. I love you and I miss you.

Love Always,


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