Tuesday, September 22, 2015

White Pride

In response to a question on a political discussion board i frequent called Yabberz, I posted this commentary on "White Pride" that I'm quite fond of, so I decided to use it as a blog post. 

In order to understand "White Pride," you have to start with things like "Gay Pride," and "Black Pride."

If you are gay, or black, or any kind of minority in America, you are born with the deck very much stacked against you. You are told that you are less than everyone else, and you are told that the way you were born is wrong. You are also told that everything wrong with you is your fault, and you need to just be like everyone else, (and then everyone pretends that you have the exact same opportunities to be like everyone else, and you simply choose not to do so).

"Pride" movements in minority groups are an effort to stand in opposition to the culture at large and refute the idea that they have less value than everyone else.

I was listening to a KKK record that belonged to my husband's grandpa from the 1940s, and the tinny, gravely serious voice was droning on about the threat that the negro poses to the white man's very existence. I remember thinking, really? 1940s America? The negro a threat to the white man's existence? 

But I suddenly realized what wiser people had known all along: that the root of racism is fear (the root of all hate is fear).

So, fearful white people who secretly understand that their position of power in this country is undeserved are existentially threatened by minority pride because it rejects the white narrative that minorities should be mourning their miserable (though justly deserved) lot in life.

Offended by the notion of minority pride, white racists find themselves in a quandry because American culture has evolved to the point that white racism is now offensive (reinforcing their fear that they themselves are becoming the minority).

Fortunately, playing the role of the victim is already a standard defense mechanism of insecure personalities (and let's not forget that on some level, they really do feel victimized), so they pick up their time honored trophies of racism like the Confederate flag and say, "What? Why can't we be proud of our heritage? It's got nothing to do with racism! It's outrageous that you would call our pride racist! Everyone else can be proud! We are being discriminated against!"

It's projection, manufactured outrage, and self-fulfilling prophesy all rolled into one.

It is the dying gasp of the angry white man as our culture moves into a new Era of diversity and equality (not that we can't slip backward, mind you!).


Joe DeShano said...

I have to agree with you and add that this is true in terms of religions, Jews and Christian with Muslims while the non religious Capitalists join in this conspiracy to dominate or bully in the name of their own need 4 GREED and adiction 2 Power. http://ucb4u.com

Heather Annastasia said...

So true!

...I wonder if that makes Capitalists more honest, since they toute their own greed as a virtue.

Oh, wait, I remember now: "we're the job creators" and "we can't afford to pay our employees higher wages" and "a high tide raises all boats."

Just as dishonest as all the bullies playing victim.

Maikal Jc said...

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