Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The end of the world as we know it.

In the context of my last post, The Death of the Alpha Male,  I feel like we were in the process of one giant leap for mankind and slipped on a banana peel.


We elected a giant orange ape for president.

But taking a step back and looking at everything I have written on this blog in the almost decade I've been writing it; I'm not surprised at all.

I've already talked about the state of our economy and what needed to happen to fix it (and didn't).

I've talked about the tangible danger of hate speech and how it thrives on the internet.

I've talked about the transient nature of civilization and the fact that when we inevitability drop the baton someone else will pick it up and run with it.

So, here we are. I've said my piece. I've been right about all the things I didn't want to be right about.

What happens now?

Will this be a small step backward from which civilization will quickly rally, or will man-made ecological disasters bring us closer to an extinction level event?

A couple days ago my son was telling me about all the exciting advancements to come in computer technology and virtual reality, while the future I envisioned was more like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Here's hoping that he's right and I'm wrong.

I really, really want be wrong this time.

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Heather Annastasia said...

Noam Chompsky:

“It is hard to find words to capture the fact that humans are facing the most important question in their history — whether organised human life will survive in anything like the form we know — and are answering it by accelerating the race to disaster.”

Well, fuck.