Monday, November 21, 2016

The tipping point has already been reached.

As much as I have tried to express that the dire situation our country is currently in did not happen as the result of one election, that this was decades in the making and is currently a worldwide trend toward dangerous far right ideologies; I also need to stress that fascist totalitarianism is something that, once the scales are tipped ever so slightly in its favor, sets off a cascade systemic changes at breakneck speed.

One of the fundamental errors that people commonly make when believing that something like the Holocaust could never happen here, that Americans would never allow something like that happen here, is the notion that there was something fundamentally different about the German people; some inherent personality flaw that we Americans do not possess. That idea was proven wrong with the Milgram experiments.

But the other mistake is that we would have time to stop such a cascade of events once set in motion.

I'll stay on the Hitler example because most Americans are familiar enough with that bit of very recent history.

In 1934, Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg. The decades leading up to that moment were rife with political and economic strife, and the people of Germany were impoverished and angry. And not just Germans; this was a global trend. Sounding familiar so far?

Within months of Hitler grasping that thread of power, the Dachau concentration camp is opened for political prisoners. Before the end of the following year, Hitler will name himself Fuhrer.

Game over.

So for all of my liberal and middle-of-the-road friends who want to wait and see what happens; you need to wake up to the reality of what has already happened.

For everyone who wants to call their Senator, or boycott something, or pray for the electoral college to save us: you need to stop wasting your energy.

The tipping point has tipped, and it's all downhill from here.

Start organizing accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Liberals/progressives have nobody to blame but ourselves for this election we had the right candidate in Bernie Sanders we chose Clinton. This was a change election and we got our change in Trump. There is a sliver lining Nafta, TTp if Trump just repeals that it would be a victory. We have taken a step back with this election, but just like with Bush 2 he was so bad we got a Black guy by the name of Barrack Hussain Obama next! If a Trump administration makes it 4 years without an impeachment we have a incredible chance to take thus country in a positive direction. We need to just not give up hope and lay the groundwork, it's always darkest before the dawn. Keep up the good work!

Heather Annastasia said...

We didn't choose Clinton, she was shoved down our throats.

Trump can't repeal TPP, it hasn't happened yet. He's just going to kill it, which would be a good thing under a different administration. Trump is going to bring jobs back to America by removing the environmental regulations and minimum wage laws that make American labor expensive.

This is a perfect storm of devastating economic policies, racial hatred being normalized and environmental atrocities. These are steps backward that I really don't think we will recover from in any meaningful way.

Thank you for the comment! I appreciate your input.