Sunday, January 29, 2017

Arguments Welcome! (Really!)

There have been periods over the years when this blog has been hopping. Inevitably, however, I get busy with other things, post less frequently, and my audience wanders off.

To me, the posts are far less important than the conversations that follow. In fact, most of my posts are short and concise and only meant to spark a conversation; they are not my final thought on a given subject at all.

I take no offense to people questioning my ideas.

I genuinely want to know what you think, especially if you disagree with part or all of my post.

I understand that not everyone thrives on conflict, but we all need get comfortable with conflict if we are going to effectively resist the dark days ahead in our country. Debate is invaluable for clarifying and expanding on your ideas, and for effectively communicating your principles.

I am primarily interested in debating with other liberals, or with independents. Arguing with conservatives is usually pointless, but I'll engage if the argument is thoughtful and respectful.

While I encourage readers to take issue with my posts or ideas, I am not going to engage in a discussion with someone who takes issue with me personally.

And by all means, if you want to write something for this blog, I always welcome submissions for guest posts.

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