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Heather Annastasia

I am a professional writer, blogger, ICU RN, ceramic artist, and mother of twin teenage boys.

My blog, "Never Talk Politics or Religion" has been my pet project since 2006.

As our society becomes more polarized, people are less willing to debate, or even hear, opinions and beliefs that differ from their own. Too many Americans today refuse to leave the comfort of their own echo chambers and challenge themselves and others to put their views to the test of open debate. My goal is to entice my fellow citizens to the table with short posts, often satirical, that challenge everyone's basic assumptions about how the world works -and I want to hear from those who disagree with me just as much as those who agree.

Plus, I love to argue!

Yes, sometimes I argue just to to argue.

Because to me, having my own ideas challenged is every bit as important as challenging the ideas of those with whom I beg to differ.

More than anything, I strive for literary excellence (not always free of typos, mind you). I do my absolute best to put together a brief, tightly written piece whose structure is as much a work of art as it is a political opinion.

I emphasize the brevity of my posts because I am often criticized for oversimplifying complex issues; to which I often reply that this is a blog, I'm not writing a dissertation. By which I mean that I don't want to simply stand on my soap box and preach: my goal is to start a conversation, which is why I often write in a very conversational tone. The real value of what I'm trying to say is in the contributions of my readers, those who agree with me as well as those who don't.

So, please have a look around and join the conversation.

Want to start a conversation here? I am always open to submissions.

Thank You,

Heather Annastasia


Rob Constantine

Rob Constantine is a multimedia producer and filmmaker living in San Diego California.

Rob makes some much needed left brain contributions to "Never Talk Politics or Religion" in the form of research and citation, as well as authoring posts. His own blog, "Rob's Blog of Thought," is a collection of personal essays and film reviews.

Born prematurely with Cerebral Palsy, Rob first addressed the San Diego City Council at the age of seven, asking that recreational programs for children with disabilities not be cut. His struggles and triumphs in his quest for integration and independence have given him compassion and understanding. 

In 1999 he was awarded Volunteer of the year by the San Diego Democratic Party.
In 2013 he received the Mike Delisha Leadership award for Disability Self Advocacy.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys classic movies, listening to music and spending time with friends.

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